Leadership is something which we all encounter in our lives, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Nevertraf-leeming-leadership-taskheless, good leadership is a very useful and important life skill.

At 1251, you can take part in leadership tasks with fellow cadets; learning to think of solutions for scenarios and the importance of clear communication during teamwork.

As well as on-squadron leadership activities, there are opportunities for cadets to further develop their leadership skills with cadets froaclcm across the country on leadership courses.

The Air Cadet Leadership Course (ACLgraduation-dinnerC) is a week at the prestigious RAF College Cranwell in Lincolnshire where cadets learn the fundamental principles behind effective leadership and put what they have learnt into practice; culminating in a graduation parade on ‘The Orange’ in front of College Hall Officer’s Mess.

The premier leadership course that a cadet can complete is the Junior Leaders course. The course takes place over seven months; beginning with a selection weekend, 7 weekends and concluding with a 10 day test phase. During the course, cadets learn leadership in a military and operational environment. Those which complete the course, wear the distinctive maroon lanyard.