At 1251, we offer cadets to gain Qualifications that provide them with subject specific knowledge as well as additional items to put on their CV, possibly giving them an edge over the competition.

BTEC Qualifications

We provide cadets the opportunity to complete numerous BTEC Qualifications. If you are unfamiliar with BTECs, they are vocational qualifications which can be worth up to 4 GCSEs grade A*-C. BTECs that you can complete with us are:

  • BTEC in Aviation Studies.
  • BTEC in Teamwork and Personal Development.
  • BTEC in Music.

Instructional Qualifications

These qualifications provide cadets with the knowledge to instruct their peers and convey information in a mature and informed matter.

The main Instructional Qualification that is offered is the ACO Methods of Instruction Course*. Once you complete this course, cadets are qualified to teach their fellow cadets lessons and take the lead in their peers’ learning, you also qualify to wear the Yellow Lanyard on your blues uniform to show off the fact that you can teach.

Later on in cadet’s careers, they can even take the opportunity to complete some Adventure Training Instructor Qualifications.

Other Qualifications

We also offer some different qualifications, ones that you might not have thought we do. One of those being the Cadet Health & Safety Entry Level Award. Health & Safety may connote boredom, rules and regulations in your mind, but this Award offers cadets useful knowledge that appeals to employers in a fun and engaging way.





*Further information about the courses that are offered can be found here.