4th Overall at AthleticsJoining the best youth organisation in the UK 

You can join as an Air Cadet at 1251 (Berwyn) Sqn as long as you are over 12 (and in year 8) and under 20 years old. We are passionate about you and we’ll do our best so that you get the most of out of your experience of being an Air Cadet.

We are a strong believer in equality, so regardless of your gender, ability or build you are welcome to join us.

What do you get out of being an Air Cadet?

You get to take part in all the activities within the Activities section such as flying, marksmanship, adventure training and more, you will also cover a range of practical and theoretical training to give you valuable life skills such as DofE, First Aid and more. If you throw yourself into the organisation and get involved you will have a really enjoyable time.

Pop in and say hello

Best things come to those who come and visit us. Pop down on a parade night and see for yourself. Please contact us to make an appointment so we can ensure a staff member and senior cadet are available to answer your questions and we’ll take it from there. There is no commitment to join when you visit.

Too old to be a cadet?

If you’re getting on a bit (20+) you could join us as a staff member instead! You still get to do many of the activities, however with an added bonus, you get to witness and take part in the development of the next generation.