Flying is one of the most popular activities offered within the Air Cadets and is particularly popular with Air Cadets in Ruabon.

Each year we offer each cadet at least one 30 minute flight in a Royal Air Force Grob Tutor at either RAF Woodvale or RAF Cosford.

You are taught the fundamentals of aviation at the Sqn and then you get to put them into practice in the air. You will be able to control the aircraft yourself by performing simple turns and changing height. As you progress through your flight you may also experience the thrill of aerobatics.

Flying is 100% free and you fly with a volunteer pilot who is either a commercial or RAF pilot full time. Cadets can also gain experience flights in other serving aircraft whilst on annual camp. Recently cadets from 1251 Sqn have flown in the King Air twin prop trainer, the Chinook helicopter and the Merlin helicopter.

If you enjoy your first flights you may be interested in applying for a flying scholarship which enables you to fly the Grob Tutor solo. If you apply before you turn 17 you could be a qualified pilot before you can drive!


Flt Lt Andy Preece the 2007/2008 display pilot and Flt Lt Bill Ramsey the 2009 display pilot flying the Tutor dislay painted aircaft of the Central Flying School Tutor Squadron based at RAF Cranwell, Lincolnshire.