First Aid

As part of the Air Cadet Experience that we offer at 1251, cadets are given the opportunity to undergo First Aid training, resulting in a recognised First Aid qualification – whatever the level of training.heartstart-badge

First Aid Training begins with the ‘Heartstart’ Qualification. This base-level First Aid course teaches cadets basic First Aid that they would be able to call upon should the situation arise. As well as knowledge, cadets are presented with a certificate and – with the new Progression Training Syllabus being introduced this year – cadets are awarded a Heartstart badge for their brassard on their blues uniform.

The neyouth-1st-aid-badgext level of First Aid training is the St. John’s Ambulance ‘Youth First Aid’ Qualification. This course builds on the base-level knowledge gained from Heartstart, or if a cadet has not yet completed Heartstart, they can still do this course, and goes further in-depth into First Aid. Cadets learn how to respond to a variety of situations from cuts to anaphylactic shocks and heart-attacks. A certificate is awarded upon completion and a badge; pleasing for the badge collecting cadets!activity-1st-aid

The next level First Aid training that is offered to cadets is the St. John’s Ambulance ‘Activity First Aid’ Qualification. It takes what you have learnt from previous First Aid training, and turns it up to 11. Once you have completed the course, you can then instruct the previous 2 courses to the next generation of First Aiders in the Air Cadets.

All of these qualifications will help stand you out from the crowd when the time comes for writing your CV and applying for jobs.