Promotion Night

Promotions to Corporal and Sergeant

Last night, (May the 4th be With You!), will be a night to remember for 6 of our cadets as for 5 of them, they achieved their first big cadet milestone, their promotion to the rank of Corporal. Corporals Jones E, Davies E, Wright M, Lloyd C and Rutter J will now develop and fine tune their leadership skills as they take on additional responsibilities on squadron.

The 6th promotion was a Sergeant promotion for Corporal Kelly, now Sergeant Kelly. She has taken her second step up the NCO ladder and is now a Senior NCO.

Massive congratulations to all those who were promoted on Star Wars Day!

Before the promotions, we continued with our preparation for Wing Training Day 2017 by smashing out some drill 1st half and then introducing concepts of leadership theory and carried out a SMEAC Task with one of our newly enrolled cadets as IC.

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