Refreshed Uniformed Staff Ranks

2017, the Year of Change!

2017 continues to update and refresh the Air Cadets, 1st with the new progressive training syllabus, and now with the update to Uniformed Staff Ranks.

The changes come as part of the news that HM the Queen approving a New Commission for Cadet Force Volunteers; the first of its kind for 155 years no less!

The change should allow the process of commissioning into the RAF Air Cadets a much simpler affair.RAFAC WO & SNCO Ranks

With the New Commission, comes a new insignia on uniforms; both for officers, warrant officers and SNCOs.

Rank slides will now be embroidered with ‘RAF Air Cadets’, replacing the metal pins of VRT and ATC respectively.

There has also been a bit of re-branding too! Before, the Air Training Corps and the Combined Cadet Force (RAF) together formed the Air Cadet Organisation.

Now we are all united under the banner of RAF Air Cadets (RAFAC)!

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