2017 Awaits

2017: The Year of Opportunities

With the great success of 2016 now behind us, we looked forward to 2017 with a Staff and NCO Meeting to prepare for the year ahead before returning back into normal parade evenings.

During the meeting, a review of our aims and objectives from 2016 was carried out and the training program was planned for the coming months.

The next few months will be full of achievements as at the end of every month, every cadet will have achieved something; be it the completion of a Classification Module or the Classification itself, everyone at 1251 will achieve in 2017.

The 1st parade night of 2017 was a return the blue for all concerned! Always lovely to see high standards of dress and deportment being maintained over the Christmas break and sets the right attitude for the rest of the year.

The theme of the year was one of looking to the past in order to aid decision making for the future, with aims and objectives for the year discussed and agreed by the cadets.

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