2016: What a Year for 1251

Wow, what a year 2016 was for 1251!

2016 was one of, if not, the busiest year yet in the history of 1251. With cadets representing the squadron in the community, in the wing and nationally and internationally, 2016 was the year that we showed everyone what we are capable of.

The year started out on the saturated, muddy fields around St. Asaph for the Inter-Sqn Cross Country. This started the year on a great note with 1251 cadets placed highly in 3rd and 10th position leading to a category victory. The event also marked the squadron’s resurgence on Twitter; beginning a very engaging year in the ‘Twitter’s-Sphere’!

There was personal and squadron pride when our very own Cdt/FS Edwards completed Junior Leaders XVII after the grueling courses reached its climax during the 10-day test phase.

The squadron then enjoyed celebrating the achievements of cadets with promotions and awards at Presentation Evening whilst also welcoming a new Recruit Flight formally into the squadron.

2016 was also the year of camps with more cadets going on camps, both week and weekend long, than ever before. Camps that 1251 was represented at include:

  • National Marching Band of the ACO Easter Training Camp.
  • St. George’s Day Parade, Whitehall London (camped at RAF Halton).
  • Litchfield Bower Parade (camped at RAF Cosford).
  • No.2 Welsh L98 A2 Training Weekend (camped at DTE/MOD Nesscliffe)
  • Paragliding Camp.
  • RAF High Wycombe.
  • RAF Marham (twice!).
  • USAAF Rammstein.
  • National Marching Band of the ACO Summer Camp (camped at RAFC Cranwell).
  • Sennelager.

And that’s only up to the summer!

The annual Wing Training Day was another example of 1251’s excellence, positioning in the top three of the majority of events; including victories in Photography & Leadership and 2nd Place in Drill and Banner. We narrowly missed out on overall victory by just 2.5 points; 2.5! But that’s a victory in itself, one that we are proud of

2016 was a fantastic year for 1251, too fantastic to justify in words. Take a look at the image gallery to see some of our highlights.

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